Shani Finch is a young established artist from Brisbane. She comes from a fine arts background, but after failing to conform to the standards of a curriculum in university,  discovered her passion for street art and adapted her style to compliment both canvases and walls. Her work is a direct projection of the artist herself, loud, bright, very honest and realistic but expressive. Finch uses her art as a platform to open a dialogue about issues such as body image issues, sexuality, social constructs and equality. Finch has made a name for herself in the Brisbane art scene, committing her entire lifestyle to the arts. Finch works in many different mediums, painting both canvases and walls, creating digital content, and making wearable art. Whilst working for Netherworld Arcade, she created an exhibition space in the venue, and has been curating monthly exhibitions for the last two years. Finch also helps organise, and MC’s the monthly art competition ‘Scribble Slam’ at Rics Backyard. To summarise, Shani Finch has her finger in many pots (of paint?)she is an unstoppable force, working hard to both make a name for herself and to help the Brisbane arts scene flourish.

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